Community of mutual aid "Oselia"

The Lviv social enterprise "Oselia" is an association of homeless people who live together, undergo addiction therapy, social training, are involved in an active working life in order to earn a living and help those who are poorer than they are. It helps them to get back their lost sense of self-worth and faith in their own strength. A social enterprise solves the problem of poverty, homelessness and social injustice in its community. Additionally, activity of the social enterprise "Oselia" has an important ecological component: thanks to the work of former homeless people, every year, tons of things that could have ended up in the trash are reused in Lviv.

The financial support was received in 2022 and aimed at paying the company's team for their work, renting the premises of the charity shop and warehouse, as well as purchasing additional equipment for setting up the shop.
Employment, provision of housing for the homeless, secondary use of things
Homeless, internally displaced persons
USVF investment amount
276 760 UAH
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