Crazy Needle
The social sewing workshop, located in the village of Derevnia, Lviv region, is engaged in the production of its own goods: frameless furniture, work clothes and eco-bags. The social goal of the enterprise is the development of its own community, namely the creation of conditions for the development of the human and economic potential of the region. Part of the profit received is aimed at the support of social initiatives in the community: arranging public spaces, organizing master classes for children and youth, sports competitions, educational events, etc. From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Crazy Needle began to employ IDP women and manufacture products to meet the needs of the military.
Thanks to the financial support, the sewing shop was able to purchase additional equipment and increase its production capacity.
Employment, culture
Children and youth, people of retirement age, internally displaced persons
USVF investment amount
282 500 UAH
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