Preparation for the first grant competition launch

The main task of the first stage of the Collaborate for Impact project is to build a strategy for the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund development over the next three years and its legal registration. In addition, it is very important to prepare for the launch of the Foundation's first official grant competition.

The USVF co-founders, represented by Anna Gulevska-Chernysh, Olena Kalibaba (SILab Ukraine), Artem Kornetskyi (School of ME), Vasyl Nazaruk (WNISEF) and Bohdan Androschuk (Childfund Deutschland), started to conduct technical consultations on the institutionalization and legalization of the Foundation's activities.
This work is conducted in close collaboration with experts from the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), in particular with Martin Blom, who will accompany the Fund's co-founders in the strategic planning and the Fund's activities development.

Martin is an experienced entrepreneur and investor, a business angel of social impact projects. It was he who helped develop the concept, set up business processes and manage the Investment Impact Fund of the large Dutch non-governmental organization Hivos Impact Investments.

The Fund's first grant competition is expected to be announced in late 2021.