An online store selling goods and services that improve quality of life of people with disabilities and help to increase their level of independence from outside assistance. The goods and services of the social enterprise InvaFishki help to restore and/or compensate for the lost functions of the body, which positively affects the further development of the personality and contributes to the improvement of the quality of life. The members of the enterprise’s team have not only the experience in using specialized goods for people with disabilities, but also professional education, which allows them to qualitatively select and configure various products and teach people with disabilities how to use them.
The first round of investment 2020
The investment helped the enterprise to open an online store for people with disabilities as well as start to produce first prototypes of own products. During one project year, the enterprise managed to increase the volume of goods and services sold, open new sales points, increase its revenue and profit.

The second round of investment — 2022
The financial support was aimed at the relocation and restoration of the social enterprise’s operations in a safer region, purchase of additional equipment to speed up the provision of services, payment for the repair and maintenance of technical means of rehabilitation, and promotion of the enterprise in social networks.
Employment of people with disabilities, production/sale of goods for people with disabilities, maintenance of means of transportation for people with disabilities
People with disabilities
USVF investment amount
275 000 UAH
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